Our Giving Impact

We are proud of the giving impacts we make around the world through our partnership with B1G1 - Business for Good.

B1G1 (Buy one Give one) helps Divorce Resource achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities in to our everyday business operations.

Every time you trust us to provide you with goods and services, we will reflect our gratitude in a positive giving impact.

When you:

- buy The Split Kit, we give a training program to someone to develop their business.

- buy a paperback First Steps book, we give a child a school stationery set.

- buy a First Steps e-book, we give a family access to solar lighting.

- become a member of the Divorce Resource website , we give access to life-saving water.

- 'like' our Facebook page, we give a brick to build a school.

Check out our interactive giving impact map by clicking here

For more information about B1G1 - Business for Good, click here.

Thank you for your support so far. 


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