Application For Divorce

The forms issued by the court which must be completed to request the court to make an order for divorce


The legal termination of a marriage relationship.

Divorce Order

A 'divorce order' is made by the court granting the application for divorce and does not become final until usually one (1) month after the order was made when the court will then then issue a 'divorce order that has come into effect'

Divorce Order That Has Come Into Effect (Replaces The Terminology 'Decree Nisi')

Divorce order that has come into effect' replaces the terminology 'decree absolute' and indicates that divorce has been granted and the marriage is legally dissolved. A 'divorce order that has comes into effect' is issued by the court one (1) month after the 'divorce order' is made.

No-Fault Divorce

A divorce in which neither party has been accused of or found guilty of any misconduct. This is the accepted practice in Australia regardless of behaviour.
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