Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

All methods of resolving legal disputes which do not involve a court making a decision. Common methods of ADR are Mediation, Conciliation and Collaborative Practice.

Dispute Resolution

A procedure designed to resolve disputes between people. Usually refers to procedures which are an alternative to going to court.

Dispute Resolution Centre

Centres established by government to provide mediation of a range of disputes between members of the public.

Family Dispute Resolution

A process whereby a family dispute resolution practitioner assists people to resolve some or all of their disputes with each other following separation and/or divorce.

Family Dispute Resolution

Family dispute resolution is a method of dispute resolution used in family law matters to help people reach agreement about parenting arrangements. A family dispute resolution practitioner (i.e. Mediator) assists people to reach agreement by conducting the process of discussion and negotiation to assist in resolving the dispute. (See Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner).

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

A family dispute resolution practitioner is a person with professional training and approved by law who provides dispute resolution services to parties involved in disputes about parenting arrangements and other family law issues.
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