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Federal Circuit Court of Australia   

Application for Divorce
This link provides a DIY kit.


Affidavit - Translation of a Marriage Certificate
This is required if your marriage certificate is not in English.  It is completed by the person who made the translation verifying the translation and setting out the person's qualifications to make the translation.


Divorce Service of Notice Kit
This kit provides a step-by-step guide to serving your divorce application by post or by hand, and information about how to complete the divorce service forms.


Counselling Certificate for Couples Married less than 2 Years
If you have been married less than two years, your are required to attend counselling and provide this certificate.


Initiating Application
This form is used when seeking parenting orders and financial orders under the Family Law Act 1975.

1. You must file an Affidavit with this application.
An affidavit is a written statement prepared by a party or witness. It is the main way you present evidence (facts of the case) to a court. You must swear or affirm that the contents of an affidavit are true before a person authorised to witness your signature; for example, a lawyer or Justice of the Peace.

2. Any person who files an Initiating Application seeking parenting orders must also file a Notice of Risk. The purpose of the Notice of Risk is to better identify a wider range of risks to children in parenting proceedings

3. If financial orders are sought, a Financial Statement or affidavit of financial circumstances must accompany this form. A party to a financial case must make full and frank disclosure of their financial circumstances.

4. Where a superannuation interest is identified, a superannuation information form is also required.

5. You are required to attend Family Dispute Resolution with a registered practitioner and complete the FDR certificate to accompany the initiating application unless an exemption has been granted by a Registrar. Use this Invitation to Attend Dispute Resolution template which includes the required Before You File - Pre-Action Brochure.

6. To  apply  for  an exemption, the applicant must either include the reasons for the exemption in the affidavit filed in support of their application or file an Affidavit - Non-Filing of Dispute Resolution Certificate.

7. Where the exemption relates to family violence or child abuse, the applicant may need provide a written acknowledgement of receiving information about the services and options available in circumstances of abuse or violence. The applicant  can either include the details in the affidavit filed in support of their application or file an Acknowledgment - Information from a Family Counsellor or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner which is a Family Court Form.


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Family Court of Australia

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Family Court of Western Australia

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Forms regarding fees - for use in all courts 

Credit Card Payment Form
Payment of court fees - Request for deferral
Payment of court fees - Request for refund

You are entitled to apply for an exemption or reduction of court fees if:

  • you hold any of the following cards issued by the Department of Human Services: health care card, pensioner concession card, Commonwealth seniors health card or any other card issued by the Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs that certifies your entitlement to Commonwealth health concessions, or

  • you have been granted Legal Aid, or

  • you are an Independent Children’s Lawyer appointed to represent a child’s interests in proceedings under the Family Law Act (only exempt for Subpoena and Interim application fees), or

  • you are receiving youth allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY payments, or

  • you are under the age of 18; or

  • an inmate of a prison or otherwise legally detained in a public institution.

Application for exemption from fees form - general (family law)
Application for reduction of payment of divorce or decree of nullity form - general

You may still be eligible to be exempted from paying the fee if your income, day-to-day living expenses, liabilities and assets are at such a level that payment of the full fee would cause you financial hardship.

Application for reduction of payment of divorce or decree of nullity - financial hardship
Application for exemption from fees - financial hardship (family law)



Request for Child's Medical Records

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