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Divorce Australia

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Child Support

Child Support Calculator 

This calculator is undergoing an update. Please follow instructions on the Services Australia page to estimate your calculations. 
You can use this estimator service to calculate an estimate of what your child support and family assistance payments might be. You should not rely on an estimate as a guarantee for future income or payment.

Percentage of Care Estimator
Allows you to estimate the care percentage to be used in estimating child support payments based on the total nights of care you have for your child/ren through a year.

Property & Finance

Net Worth Calculator 
This calculator helps you work out if your total assets outweigh your debts and the strength of your current financial situation.  (Estimated time 5mins.)

Money Health Check
This financial health check helps you take control of your money. It asks you some easy questions about your personal finances and gives you simple steps and tips to improve your situation.

Budget Planner 
This is the government-sponsored Money Planner website's budget planner which you can either save online or download in an Excel version.

Credit Card Calculator (higher and lower payments)
This calculator helps you work out how long it will take to pay off your card with only minimum repayments and how much time and money you'll save by making higher repayments.

Credit Card Calculator (you nominate payment amount)
This calculator has simple sliders to help you calculate how long it will take to pay off your credit card with your own nominated monthly payment amount.

Salary Calculator (2016 tax rates)
Use this simple, accurate tax calculator to work out how much you will be paid.

Income Tax Calculator
This calculator will help you to calculate the tax you owe on your taxable income, for the previous three income years. It will take between two and 10 minutes to complete.

Personal Loan Calculator 
This calculator helps you work out how much loan repayments will be, how much you can borrow and how you can repay your loan sooner.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Calculator 
The Capital Gains Tax Estimator Calculator provides an indication of the amount of capital gains tax you may be required to pay on an investment property.  CGT is the tax charged on any capital gains that arise from the sale or disposal of any asset bought or acquired after September 1985.

Rent vs Buy Calculator 
The Rent versus Buy Comparator allows the user to compare their estimated financial position after several years of renting with their estimated financial position after the same number of years of home loan repayments. 

Stamp Duty on Property Purchase Calculator
This Australian Stamp Duty Calculator provides you with an indication of Government Costs when purchasing a property in Australia for Owner Occupied, Investment or as a First Home Owner. Stamp duty is a charge which is applied by state governments in Australia and is in relation to the transfer of land or property.


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