Information, News and Inspiration: The Roundup - Early July 2017

Copy of Divorce Resource | Information, news and inspiration | The Roundup - Early July 2017


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Have your say to change our family law court experience for victims of family violence
If you have a view on how victims of family violence are treated in our court system, now's your chance to share it.
What happens to a loan from parents when adult children divorce?
Are you are a parent financially assisting your married child? Do your parents want their money back now you've split? 
How to spot a narcissist
Some characteristics, such as self-confidence and self-sufficiency, are healthy and beneficial but narcissists take it to the next level of ego-centric behaviour.
9 tips: How to talk to your kids about terrorism
Save time, money and stay out of court.
It's easy to say but how do you actually do it?


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Divorce in a Weekend 
Families are facing long delays in the Family Court process.
Imagine if you could avoid the courts and find a way to get divorced in a weekend. Now you can.
Turn That Page
It happens to all at some point. The unexpected knocks at the door and a second later you find yourself picking up the pieces of yourself. Maybe you weren't expecting it, maybe a little, but still...
Can my ex claim anything to do with my future new property
There was a property settlement a few years but we didn't divorce. Does my ex have any claim to the house I am now buying?
How To Separate Your Emotions During Separation
We are wired to be emotional, to be nurturing, to show our feelings and to actually give a shit. And guess what...
Domestic Violence: What To Do
Are you or someone you love in a situation that involves domestic violence? The good news is that you're not alone, and help is available. Here's what to do if you are a victim of domestic...
For Better or For Worse - Strategies To Navigate Your Divorce -...
Nobody enters a marriage thinking that it will not last. Unfortunately, too many end in divorce despite the best of intentions. Financial strain,...
Equality Vs Power and Control
There has been so much effort over the last few years in trying to curb men's behavior when it comes to violence in the home. There will be much more work done in this area and anyone that...
7 Tips For Family Law Matters Involving Children and School...
The school holidays can be a volatile time for separated couples when dealing with school aged children - who should they spend their time with? 
200 Things To Consider Before You Separate
Use this free tool to prepare your personalised divorce to do list.



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Copy of Divorce Resource | Information, news and inspiration | The Roundup - Early July 2017
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