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Everything changes when you decide to separate.

Most of us have no idea where to start.

On top of the emotional trauma, you have decisions to make. Decisions that could impact the rest of your life. Do you want to get information and make a start on the inevitable; just to feel like you have some control? Do you know where to start?

You’ve probably already been told by someone who cares about you to get a good lawyer.

A lawyer could be the last person you need!

Now, we’re not saying you won’t need a lawyer but seriously, they could just be the last person you engage. You'll certainly benefit from consulting a lawyer to ensure any agreement you come to is legally binding. But before you get to that stage, you may better benefit from the advice of a collaboratively trained neutral financial advisor, tax specialist, counsellor, child specialist or even a divorce coach.

Any professional you engage to assist you is going to need a snapshot of your personal, family and financial life before they can offer you advice specific to your circumstances.

Your option is to sit with them while they charge you by the hour to go through the discovery process, or to prepare all the information they need before you ask for professional advice.

What do advisers need and where do you find it?

The Split Kit has everything covered to bring order to the chaos.

Only $375 - Less than the cost of 1 hour with a lawyer

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Here in more detail is what The Split Kit offers:

Establish Schedule of Asset & Liabilities, ownership details, valuations and supporting documentation

Offer & Counter Offer system helping you to reach distribution of all assets, liabilities and household items

Document in detail the parenting arrangements for your children of this, or previous relationships

Time and notate phone calls as you speak - to later action, recall key points or check against what you have been charged on your professional advice bills.

Keep communication and correspondence logs. Attach documents, images, videos, voice recordings to individual records - ie statements, ID, evidence ... You will never search for documents again!

Establish your on going living expense requirements post separation and cashflow projections for the future

Violence & Abuse Register facilitates building an admissable body of evidence - includes specifics of events and allows attachments of images, videos, documents and voice recordings.

Use the Checklists and templates available in the Split Kit Vault to source information and ensure all aspects of the changes in your life are managed effectively and efficiently.

Create and share contact lists for your divorce and all of your family life dealings

Provide your ex, mediators, coaches, lawyers and finance advisers with a complete snapshot of your life with the Summary of Separation Report. It contains all of the information you require to complete aConsent Order for Property and Parenting.

As a Split Kit user, you will have access to the Split Kit Vault on our website to receive exclusive discounts and bonus offers from Divorce Resource and our colleagues offering complimentary products and services.

You’re Going to Need a General Understanding of Family Law

When you purchase the Split Kit, you also get a free copy of The First Steps through Separation and Divorce.

This book is written for people with no previous exposure to the Family Law system. It gives a simple but detailed outline of everything you need to know to get started.

It offers great advice on how to manage the emotional fallout, support your children, protect yourself, your family, your assets and your sanity, and move positively into the next phase of your life.

It explains the Family Law principles behind The Split Kit.

Crafting Your Own Settlement Agreement in a Simple Step by Step Process

Like all information gathering exercises… it’s a process that works best if you have a proven system to follow.

Rest assured, Security and Privacy are a Top Priority

You and your Family comes 1st

Financial Dynamics - a Common Source of Conflict

There’s lots of Paperwork and Documentation!

Rework the Numbers until Agreement is Reached

You may Need to Seek Professional Advice

Here’s the Wrap on How The Split Kit saves you $1000s

Although 95% of separating couples are able to agree a property settlement without going to court, at some point in the process, you are likely to want to seek professional opinion.

No expert is able to offer you advice, which is specific to your circumstances, unless they have a very clear snapshot of what your circumstances are.

There are only two ways for them to get this information. The first is for you to make an appointment with your advisor where they ask you a series of questions to gather basic facts. For the more complex issues, they will tell you the documentation they require you to go away to collect, all the while, charging you their hourly rate to do so. You’ll most likely need to make another appointment.

But it doesn’t stop there! You’re going through one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Stress affects us in a number of ways. We don’t perform at our sharpest. You’ve almost certainly forgotten or just missed some of what’s needed. On the off chance you captured it all first time round, your lawyer will wade through all of your documentation extracting only the relevant information.

The documents need to be copied, cross-referenced and filed. Every staff member in the firm who comes into contact with your files charges you for their time. Much of it is basic admin you could be doing yourself.

SO WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE? The Split Kit, of course!

You can use The Split Kit in conjunction with all of the other tools we provide to gain a clear understanding of what the Family Law Act (1975) requires, collate the information and provide it to your adviser in a simple, concise and complete summary.

With design input by legal and financial professionals, The Split Kit ultimately provides a complete snapshot of your personal, family and financial situation outlined in your Summary of Separation. It is presented in a concise format that professionals recognise, understand and respect.


When you prepare well with The Split Kit, you pay for expert advice and not basic admin, saving you thousands of dollars in fees.

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Let’s Take a Look Inside The Split Kit

The software asks a series of SIMPLE QUESTIONS.

Starting right at the beginning with your personal details, you WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE through entering all of the relevant information.

If at any time you are unsure of what is required, the JARGON FREE USER GUIDE is just a single click away.

It’s a simple process to list individual assets, liabilities and household items of material value with the valuation and any important notes. Attach images, valuations, deeds etc, to specific items for future reference. Use the distribution and cash adjustment features to negotiate towards an agreed allocation which is just and equitable.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Our Products and Services

'Well done! The Split Kit is a top initiative and excellently executed!!'

‘I just love, love the check list you have created. Amazing and so, so helpful! It’s the checklist to end all divorce checklists.’

The Divorce Go To Girl

'If a client came in with The Split Kit completed, it would be invaluable and would save them legal expenses – no doubt about it.' -

Family Lawyer

‘The First Steps book is a most valuable resource. It's easy to read and I like the layout too. It gave me peace of mind "not to waste money on lawyers". I read the financial section first and it covered my questions pretty quickly.’

‘Following the advice is sure to allay some fears and save you time and money.'

Finance expert and member of Collaborative Professionals (WA).

‘I wish The Split Kit was around 3 years ago. The discovery process alone cost me over $4000! My ex-wife’s bill was even more!! $375 is too cheap!’

'I followed the advice and worked through the information outlined in the Split Kit. When I saw a lawyer, she said I was the most organised client she had ever encountered. I'm sure it has saved me a lot of time with her and that means it's saved me money; possibly several thousand dollars. Thoroughly recommended.'

'Much appreciated and helped me to realise I WILL GET THERE!'

Don’t Be Someone Who is Doing the Best They Can “Under the Circumstances”

Make your own circumstances!

Invest $375 and start today on the path towards the brighter future you deserve

Get The Split Kit

Here’s a brief summary of The Split Kit’s benefits

We know that with some hard work, good luck and no doubt a few dramas along the way, it is possible to not only survive, but to thrive through separation and divorce.

And, we are confident all the benefits of using The Split Kit will help you to get there a whole lot more efficiently, cost effectively and positively than the traditional alternatives.

  • Establish net asset value and offer/counter offers using our simple financial templates
  • Record the full details of parenting agreements for children
  • Save thousands of dollars in professional fees for document discovery process
  • Collect every detail you will need to complete a Form 11 Family Court Consent Order
  • Establish projected earnings, living expenses and ongoing cash flow position
  • Keep detailed correspondence logs with attached documents, images, Deeds, statements, video and audio recordings to build a comprehensive Summary of Separation to present to your professional advisors
  • Notate and time phone calls - record required actions and check timing against your professional bills
  • Gain a clear view of what’s considered relevant in law and what’s not taken into account
  • Confidently use the Violence and Abuse Register with the ability to attach images, recordings and reports to help you provide admissible evidence if needed
  • Free Exclusive Access to additional resources and special offers in The Split Kit Vault on our Divorce Resource website.
  • Increase your savings and benefits by sharing with your ex-partner to save on those huge legal and admin fees – remember it’s all coming out of the same joint pot!

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