Member's Stories

An unfamiliar but common tale

By Uncertainofall / Male, 36-46
July 07, 2018

Zombie marriage

By Dave / Male, 47-57
June 06, 2018

Thought it was perfect

By Libby / Female, 47-57
May 05, 2018

My situation is still way too open.

Separated under one roof

By tanyaliz / Female, 36-46
February 02, 2018

Latest News

How To Write Affidavit When You Have Been Living Separately Under The Same Roof: Includes Sample Affidavit

Nov 07, 2018

Sample affidavit for person who has lived "separately under the same roof".

Sample affidavit: witness of couple living separately under the same roof

Nov 07, 2018

SAMPLE AFFIDAVIT | An affidavit by another person, who is not your spouse, serves to confirm your story

Who can witness an Affidavit for the Family Court?

Nov 01, 2018

Swearing or affirming an affidavit must be witnessed by an "authorised person".

Should Mental Health Patients Opt Out of My Health Record?

Oct 30, 2018

Unless you opt out by November 15, 2018, the government will automatically create a My Health Record for you. Is this...

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