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By SusieD / Female, 36-46
August 08, 2019

Sad & confused

By stressless / , 36-46
June 06, 2019

Get yourself a diary, and write everything down. Each text, phone call, face-to-face chat, conversations with mutual friends. Everything. Get yourself some financial advice...

NPD Survivor

By NPD Survivor / Female, 47-57
May 05, 2019

life's journey

By Louise / Female, 47-57
May 05, 2019

Spend time on your own so you can rediscover yourself & what your really capable of - jumping into another relationship might not help - can just be a distraction. It's...

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Jul 09, 2019

Written by Annette Wilson, Partner, Family Lawyer at Swaab Law Firm  

Wife fined $2000 for reading husband's emails proving his affairs

Jul 06, 2019

Would you be tempted to open your spouse's emails if they left their password on the desk?

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