Member's Stories

Too little too late

By Anovska / Female, 36-46
June 06, 2017

Codependent & Narcissist - Defacto Separation

By Cherries / Female, 36-46
March 03, 2017

- Talk to your family & trusted friends about the situation to get support - love yourself

Waste of a great future together

By sblw / Female, 36-46
March 03, 2016

Don't run to a lawyer and believe everything they say. In my experience they will tell you the absolute best case scenario in regard to ratio outcomes (for property...

Bi-polar and drunk

By Sunshine / Female, 36-46
March 03, 2016

Change all the locks. Go to the police or the doctor as soon as you have been attacked so they can get first hand the actual injuries and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!

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